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Difficult LP FYI

Posted by ssmodk on 2004.04.23 at 06:29
For those who don't have it (more specifically, Americans), there is currently a sale on the original unremastered version of "Difficult" (with "Idiotbreed" but without "Oedipus") for $2.98 through Metropolis Records.


Feel free to grab a copy, as I did, before they're all gone.

Yeah... Whatever.


Here's an old 'un.

Posted by bootpunk on 2004.03.18 at 01:49
Current Mood: chipperchipper
The pic below is from a good few moons ago. I must have a ton of old CE piccys lying around the place, and I'll try and look a few out ...

Old Chaos Engine PicCollapse )


Your first treat!

Posted by lee_chaos on 2004.03.17 at 17:28
Here are some photos from our gig at the Metro Bar, London:

OOOO pretty

Thanks to drreagan for permission to share with the class!



Posted by lee_chaos on 2004.03.17 at 14:58
Current Music: New Chaos Engine track under construction! Wahey!

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Lee Chaos